If you have had a kitesurf course before, and if you are now an independant kitesurfer, that is to say you are at least able to ride downwind consistently, we can offer you the possibility to rent the kitesurf gear in Tarifa, and to practice on your own.

We can offer you 2 ways to rent the kitesurfing equipment:

  • To hire the kitesurfing equipment per hour
  • To rent the kitesurfing gear per day


The price of the kite equipment rental is 10 euros per hour.

All the kitesurfing gear (kite, bar, board, harness, life jacket, wetsuit, helmet) is included in the price of the equipment hire.

The minimum booking is for 2 hours.


You can rent the kitesurf equipment for a day or for several days.

Here are the prices for the equipment rental, in Euros and per person:

2 Days3 Days4 Days5 Days6 Days7 Days
100 €150 €180€200€220€240€

The prices of the rental include all the kitesurf gear (kite, bar, board, wetsuit, harness, life jacket, helmet).


You already have had kitesurfing lessons before, you are able to ride downwind, to go and to come back on your own, but you don’t feel confident enough to hire the kite equipment and to ride alone.

We can offer you the possibility to be guided and supervised by an instructor, during your whole kitesurf session in Tarifa.

The price of the supervision service is 30 euros a day.

More informations

If you need further info about our offers of kitesurf equipment hire in Tarifa, or if you wish to rent only the kite and the bar, or only the board, or if you wish to get an offer regarding a kitesurfing holiday in Tarifa with the kite gear rental and the accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact us.