Kitesurfing lessons for all levels

  • Beginner

    Learn all the necessary basics and start riding. Taster lessons and complete beginners kitesurfing course.

  • Intermediate

    Glide and ride both directions. Ride upwind and improve your transitions. Intermediate kitesurfing lessons.

  • Advanced

    Learn how to jump, improve your freestyle tricks. Ride strapless on a surf board. Advanced kite lessons.

Learn to kite in a few days with beginners kitesurfing courses including our one week kite course with accommodation.


Aurelia Herpin – Learn to kite with a kitesurfing World Champion

Speed specialist, that the category in which she performed a World record in 2005 and got a World Champion title in 2006.  She also has been vice World Champion in the waves category and the slalom category.

Aurelia fluently speaks 4 languages (English, Spanish, French, German).


A kitesurfing destination in Europe that can’t be missed

Tarifa especially means…

300 windy days a year

Located on the strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa benefits from exceptionnal weather conditions, with wind every day. No-wind days are pretty rare.

A kite spot that is easy to travel to

Tarifa is situated in southern Spain, and it is only a 2 hour flight from the biggest cities in Europe to the nearest airports in the area.

Sunshine and warm weather all year round

Located in Andalusia, Tarifa offers a lot of sunny days and warm temperatures.

The kitesurfing capital city in Europe

Tarifa is a dedicated place to kitesurfing, a hot spot for kitesurfing profesionals and a town that has historically grown and developped around kitesurf and windsurf activities.


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Quality Features

State-of-the-art Equipment
A kitesurfing school in Tarifa with helmets with walkies-talkies

Our kitesurfing school in Tarifa (Spain) uses for the lessons and courses helmets with walkie-talkies system, for an easy communication between the student and the instructor, since the student benefits from direct advice, instructions and corrections. This enables the student, when he is on the water, to know what to do at all times and to avoid potential safety issues.

Thanks to the radio-helmets, the student gets instructions permanently and this way knows how to correct his own mistakes, where to go, in which direction he has to go when he is moving on the sea, during different exercises (bodydragging, waterstarting, riding…etc). Helmets with walkies-talkies make the students learn quicker and easier by saving time during the kitesurfing learning process. This system enhances the safety of the student, by enabling him to be warned from potential dangers (another kite is getting nearby, the student is going too far from the shore or is getting too close from an obstacle…etc). Radio-helmets are one of the main elements of safety, especially during the learning of waterstart, of riding both directions (to go one way and to come back), and of riding upwind. Our kitesurfing school in Tarifa in Spain, uses the radio-helmets in all kitesurfing lessons for beginners and intermediates, and for some advanced kite lessons.

Group lessons
Learn kitesurfing in small groups of 2 students maximum per instructor

To learn to kitesurf efficiently and quickly, it is necessary that there is only a small number of students in the lesson. You will get this way much more attention from the instructor, because this one will focus on only one or two students. You will thus get instructions and corrections immediately during exercises on land (in the case of the first hours of kitesurfing lessons for beginners), or on the sea (in the case of kitesurfing courses for beginners, intermediates or advanced). The progression curve is way better with kitesurfing lessons in small groups of 2 students maximum per instructor.

Safety first
Kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa with a strong focus on safety

We can offer you kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa (Spain), for beginners, in which the learning of kitesurfing starts with a lesson on the beach, centered on the theory basics regarding the wind and the wind window, as well as on the necessary safety rules in kitesurfing. During the first beginners kitesurfing lesson, we then advance to some exercises focusing on kite control and about kite flying on the beach, where the students use small size kites that don’t pull a lot, and which are forgiving regarding kite flying errors that happen when starting to learn kitesurfing. The use of small size kites during the first beginners kitesurfing lesson enables the students to feel confident progressively. The learning is evolutive and is permanently carried out in complete safety. Once you have assimilated all the theory and practice basics on the beach, we will move forward to the next step which takes place in the sea. Exercises carried out in the sea imply bodydragging (to let you being dragged by the kite on the sea) and waterstarting (to get up on the board and start riding). We go with the student to the sea for the most important steps of the learning, and we use the helmets with walkies-talkies, which guarantee a good communication between the student and the instructor, and which really enhances the safety of the student at all times. We also use the services of a safety boat (from June to September), which is especially useful during the second part of the kitesurfing lessons for beginners (the part including waterstarting and riding exercises), or during the intermediate kitesurfing courses. A small number of students per instructor also guarantees the safety of the learning, since the instructor focuses his attention at all times on only one or two students.

Custom-build classes
Tailor-made kitesurf lessons

The kitesurfing school of Aurelia Herpin can offer you kitesurf lessons that are completely adapted to your current level and to your objectives. Depending on the technical skills that you have previously acquired, we create the programm of your kitesurf lessons aiming to make you come to the next level. If you are a beginner and you have already had some kitesurf lessons in the past, you don’t need to start again with all the basic knowledge and start from zero during your kitesurf course in our kitesurfing school in Tarifa. The learning programm is individualized and taylor-made, with lessons including 2 students maximum per instructor. This enables you to learn quicker and to reach the level you have always dreamed of.


Our kite school in Tarifa (Spain) can offer you taster kitesurfing lessons (for a day or two), beginners kitesurfing courses for 3 or 4 days, or one week complete kite courses for beginners.

For those who already have had kitesurfing lessons previously, our intermediate kitesurf courses are ideal. For those who have reached a certain level, and who wish to progress on determined technical points, we can offer you advanced kitesurfing lessons.


Discover this magical sport

The objective of the taster kitesurfing lessons for one day or two is to make you become more familiar with kitesurfing, you will discover this magical sport, the equipment, the theory basics related to the wind, the safety rules. You will be able to fly the kite in the air, on the beach, you will learn how to fly it, how to control it, how to start it, how to land it.

Get initiated to kitesurfing

Our kitesurf lessons for 3 or 4 days will enable you to learn all the necessary basics of the kitesurfing practice, you will see not only how to control the kite on land on the beach, but also how to control the kite on the sea, how to move on the sea with the kite, how to get up on the board and start riding. This kitesurf course will make you move forward on the water, with the board on your feet, while using the kite as a traction tool.

Become a kitesurfer

Our complete beginners kitesurf courses for a week aim to make you become an independent kitesurfer: you will learn all the basics on the beach, you will then keep on learning in the sea, until you manage to get up on the board and ride both directions (to go and to come back to the shore), while controlling your way and your speed. With this one week kitesurf course you will become a kitesurfer who is able to kite on his own safely.

3 kinds of kitesurf lessons in Tarifa (Spain):

If you are a kitesurfing beginner, you can choose among these 3 kinds of kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa: the group lessons, the duo lessons, and the private lessons.

The group lessons imply 2 students per instructor, and there is one kite for 2 people. The equipment is shared between the 2 students and we alternate every 15 minutes.

The duo lessons are also limited to only 2 students per instructor, and there is one kite for each person.

The private lessons are 1-to-1 lessons, with one student per instructor.


Progress and develop your riding skills


Our kitesurfing courses for intermediates are for the ones who already have had beginners kite lessons in the past, and who have reached the waterstarting level, or who are starting to ride. You will thus learn how to ride consistently, without any “stops” during your riding, you will better know how to control your way and your speed, how to speed or slow down. With these kite lessons you will also learn how to ride upwind, how to manage your transitions, how to tune your kite and the depower system on the bar well. We will also focus on the kitesurfing priority rules.


Jump and make some progress in freestyle, ride strapless on a surf board

Our advanced kitesurf lessons are designed for kitesurfers who already know how to ride upwind, and who wish to learn how to jump, to make some progress in jumping and in freestyle, or to learn how to ride on a surf board with straps or strapless.

2 kinds of kitesurfing lessons in Tarifa for intermediates and advanced:

For intermediates or advanced riders, two possibilities are on offer: the duo lessons, or the private lessons.

The duo lessons are with only 2 students per instructor, and there is a kite for each student.

The private lessons are 1-to-1 lessons, there is one person per instructor.

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